AI's Threat to Humanity: Experts Estimate a 5% Risk of Total Destruction

We all know how fast AI is advancing and soon it will be able to take most of our jobs. Many people think that AI is going to kill us all and take over the world. Upon survey, it was found out that even though AI is slowly intervening with our daily lives, the chance of it destroying humans is only 5%. A think tank based in California, AI Impacts, carried out this survey by asking 20,000 experts about their take on this. 2778 experts were asked about their thoughts on this fast AI Development while 1321 experts were asked if they think AI can destroy humans. The average response of mass extinction of humans by AI was 5%. 16% said that they think that AI is about to bring some big changes all over the world and we cannot stop this.

One in ten people in the survey said that there is a 25% chance of AI killing humans while 1% of the experts said that they think there is a 75% chance. When asked how they see AI destroying humans, many experts didn’t have a definite and clear answer. But they answered the question about how AI can destroy society. Many experts believe that AI is destroying society slowly right now by spreading misinformation about many things like public or political opinion. Some also said that AI can cause many disasters other than destroying humans like accidentally creating a virus or causing income inequality.

Experts were also asked for their predictions of when AI can start performing tasks like creating a pop song, writing a bestselling book or folding clothes. Many experts believe that they see all this happening till the next decade. They said that there is a 50% chance that AI will be able to do all this by 2047. The thing to note here is that when a survey with this question was done in 2022, AI experts said that AI will be able to perform these tasks by 2060.

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