Success For X As Its Mobile Revenue Crossed Major Milestone In December 2023

It’s a new year and that means we can go back and look at the progress of some leading social media giants who made it big, right before 2023 ended.

We’re talking about X, formerly known as Twitter. whose mobile revenue reached a new high last month, marking the notion as a giant milestone worth mentioning.

Thanks to insights from App Intelligence who has been covering Twitter from the start, and even after it was rolled out by X, thanks to Musk, we now have some worthwhile facts that showed how gross earnings from mobile revenue were not coming slow.

As per the estimates, X managed to get a staggering $7.6 million in revenue throughout December and that’s a mighty rise from the total we saw in November, which seemed to be higher.

This was the most that X had earned in just one month. And we’re talking in terms of net revenue, so that means this figure is what X keeps after both Apple and Google attain their share.

As far as consumer spending is concerned or even in terms of gross revenue, users allocated $ 11 million toward X. So when you come to think of this, it’s the first time that we’ve seen the firm hit double digits in December after spending huge sums of money on the app so it’s a major milestone indeed.

America continues to serve as the largest market for X, having a whopping market share of 60% as a whole with no other nation attaining that level of double-digit shares yet. We did see Japan come close with shares nearing 8% as the top 5 included the likes of Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

The fact that no major amendments came into existence for the X app last month, this revenue growth is a great proxy in terms of engagement and demand as they’re both peaking. Remember, elections are coming up soon and many do hope to see the revenue attaining greater growth at a faster pace than usual.

Twitter's Revenue Crossed a Big Milestone in December

H/T: AppFigures

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