OpenAI Quietly Rolls Out New Customized GPT Feature

ChatGPT maker OpenAI is rolling out a new customized GPT endeavor across the weekend that’s being looked upon as a new update that enables tagging various prompts through the use of a simple @ symbol.

This latest tagging option will enable users to switch among GPTs that hold all sorts of personas and expertise on this matter. But there is yet to be any kind of official news generated from the company on this front.

At the start of November of last year, the tech giant launched customized variations of the ChatGPT which allowed people to design their own GPTs through the use of the interface of the app without any kind of coding or skills needed.

OpenAI generated custom versions for certain purposes like customized designs of ChatGPT for a certain reason dubbed GPTs. All premium users of this software were able to create their own software after making use of an interface of the app without any professional skills like coding being required.

As per reports from OpenAI, when these are put into action, some specifics must be followed so that GPT turns into a smarter and more efficient option in terms of performing different tasks with time.

The company extended its business strategy by rolling out another GPT store that enables users to produce GPTs in certain subjects like education, productivity, and even just fun activities. This can be shared publicly.

The company expanded the whole business model by rolling out a new GPT store that allows users to produce GPTs in different domains so that once it’s found at a store, these GPTs transform into searchable options and can climb across various leaderboards.

The tech giant extended the whole business model by rolling out a new GPT store that allows users to make money through their particular creations and that all depends on how many people are involved.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen/HumanEdited

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