Microsoft Slams Apple’s List Of Changes At The EU App Store As ‘One Step In The Wrong Direction'

Software giant Microsoft is slamming iPhone maker Apple for its long list of proposed changes taking place at the App Store. This includes any amendments made in the EU.

The company spoke about how Apple rolled out a series of changes that it feels is not only wrong but a step taken in the wrong direction, adding major criticism for the company which is already being slammed by tech giants Spotify as well as game maker Epic Games.

Microsoft is busy with work right now and rolling out alternative app store options for users across the board after first launching this in December. Moreover, the software giant will end up focusing on the likes of games and how it hopes to roll out a new platform at the start of this year.

The series of changes made to the App Store in the EU by the tech giant entails a whole list of support for alternative app marketplaces, paving the way for the launch of a store in the EU.

This includes a wide range of support for various applications and marketplaces that ensure the software can launch a store that focuses more on games than anything else. Despite all of this, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox added that he is not truly fond of the company’s announcements.

They believe in all sorts of constructive chats and driving changes as well as progress toward platforms that are open and provide greater room for competition. The latest policy by the iPhone maker is called out as the wrong decision as Sarah Bond mentioned through an X post on how they hope to get feedback on a proposal plan and work in making a future that’s inclusive for all individuals around the globe.

The software giant is yet to offer any particular data about the issues with Apple’s list of changes. This is a major assumption and seeing Microsoft be thrilled about Apple’s leading tech fees that would force developers to pay huge sums of money for every yearly app installation means big things.

All developers will attain one million free downloads before the fee kicks in but there is no allotment on offer here in terms of developers showing up to marketplaces.

Another point worth mentioning is how the tech giant announced in the past week that they would be including a major change in the App Store’s guidelines to enable game streaming applications for the first time in history. This amendment would apply to all around the globe, not just the EU.

Ideally, this means saying hello to a new launch that’s restricted solely to Xbox Cloud Gaming platforms on both iPhone and iPad across the App Store. We’re not sure if those plans in particular would be impacted by this major disdain for the list of proposed changes and only time can tell what the reality turns out to be.

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