New Product Listings On Amazon Causes A Stir Due To Bizarre AI-Generated Names Like ‘I Cannot Fulfill This Request It Goes Against OpenAI's Policy’ (Updated)

Amazon is one place where one can buy it all. But it would not be wrong to mention that there are plenty of doubtfully sourced products available online too on the platform.

At the same time, so many products are being promoted with a long list of fake reviews that were curated through the help of bots.

Now, we’re getting more news on a new product that is up for grabs but it’s causing a huge stir online, thanks to the official name seen in the product listing.

It’s called, ‘I’m sorry but I can’t fulfill this request it goes against the OpenAI use policy’. For those wondering, it’s just a little dresser featuring a cut little draw in the color green.

Those who happen to be in the industry related to naming furniture are well aware of how the name is the main selling point. And from what we’ve seen, the picture goes a long way. Here is an image featuring a product with two drawers but in reality, the image has three.

Update*: In an email to Digital Information World, Amazon's spokesperson Kristina Pressentin stated that “We work hard to provide a trustworthy shopping experience for customers, including requiring third-party sellers to provide accurate, informative product listings. We have removed the listings in question and are further enhancing our systems.”

Image: Rick Williams / Threads

The funny product listing claims firms are having trouble using ChatGPT to come up with big product descriptions as it features names that do not make sense and have not been proofread either. It’s probably like that to try and ensure they’re optimized for the likes of a search engine just so they can be discovered easily.

This raises another question. Is there anyone actually taking a look at how products are being reviewed how they are being displayed is a question on its own. As one would expect, publishing this story has given rise to the company actually releasing a statement on this front and we feel it was much needed because of the hype that has resulted.

Amazon tried to reassure its users and fans that they work round the clock to make sure all users have the most trustworthy shopping experience out there today. This includes making sure third parties involved in the sale of products are giving the right type of information. They have opted to remove any questionable listings to ensure their system is up to date at all times.

As we’ve already seen, OpenAI’s super popular chatbot is already flooding the internet and that has resulted in havoc across the board. Data keeps getting regurgitated regarding requests that go against the company’s policy.

This has led to a wide range of products having listings with a similar name or something close to it.
Plenty of others have an apology attached on how the trademarked names go against the OpenAI policy like hoses made from polyurethane material.

There’s another post featuring a chair that has a reclining function from the brand Khalery. Its description is vague and has to do with how the product can be used for a series of tasks but it never specified which ones. Again, it’s called for a lot of scrutiny in terms of how products are being listed and described and if the reviews are genuine or simply present to drive sales.

We can see how and why people are going nuts but some are really finding this funny. We might be on the fence in terms of where we stand but it’s alarming for those who actually buy products based on reviews, listings, and descriptions, not to mention authentic pictures. Therefore, we can see where all the commotion is coming from.

* Story updated on 17th January 2024 to include Amazon's spokesperson statement .

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