Evan Spiegel Outlines Ambitious Plans for Snapchat's Growth in 2024 Memo

The CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, made a note for his employees. The note said that employees work for a great social media app that is the reason for happiness for many people. This note was given by him to the employees to motivate them to work as Snapchat has seen low revenues, staff layoffs, and problems with advertising in the last year. He said that Snapchat is working great and will grow further. He also mentioned Facebook, Instagram, and X in his memo. Evan increased the working spirit of his employees by saying that this is the year where we will deliver everything we have been planning for last year.

Evan Spiegel said that he plans on working on some features of Snapchat in 2024 that will bring the platform more success. He gave some instances like Snapchat will start working on more user growth where the market is developed like Europe and North America. He added that they will also develop an IOS-centric approach that will help Snapchat grow a lot. Content and advertisements will also be unified across all features of Snapchat. All of these things are very important if Snapchat wants to enter into Augmented Reality(AR) products. Spiegel said to make AR a reality, he needs to time all of this efficiently so the consumers can show interest in them.

In the note, Evan Spiegel also brought out the rivals of Snapchat. He said that he and Bobby Murphy started Snapchat as an antidote for the popularity of content MySpace started that eventually turned to Facebook and then Instagram. He explained that Facebook looked like a platform for popularity contests to know who got how many likes and comments. Snapchat was made so users could have a platform to have fun with their family and friends without worrying about likes and followers. He also mentioned that Snapchat is a reason for happiness for many teens when they message their friends on it. On the other hand, Meta has announced a feature for specific content on Instagram for those under 18 as content on the app is affecting the mental health of teens. The company announced the feature after facing many lawsuits about the teen situations on the app.

Evan Spiegel also mentioned the harmful content on X and Meta as well as content moderation of the Israel-Hamas war on the platforms. He admitted that in no way is Snapchat perfect but he also said that it is far better than the other platforms which are home to pedophiles, terrorists, and other propagandas. Snapchat’s employees discussed the note Evans sent them. One of the employees said that we all can see how much hatred Evans has for Meta and employees didn't like how he spoke about competitors.

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