New Lawsuit Accuses Meta Of Strategic Ad Placement Next To Illegal Content For Personal Gains

It looks like the legal battles for tech giant Meta are not ending anytime soon as the company faces more legal action for its inappropriate ad placements.

A new lawsuit accused Facebook’s parent firm of rolling corporate ads right next to content that was aimed to display explicit images of young users.

The allegations come forward from big corporate clients such as popular US-based retail outlet Walmart, alongside the Match Group which happens to be Tinder’s parent firm. The news is now going public and it’s part of a mega lawsuit that was rolled out in the company’s direction by the AG’s office in New Mexico last month.

The news is very interesting as seeing the company strategically put ads next to material that serves as a serious threat to a host of leading brands is clearly alarming. Meanwhile, such a fallout not only entails mega reputational damage but would also massively diminish the probability of ads attaining the firm’s intended audience. As one can expect, it would cause a major impact across the ROI too.

The latest claim is that the Attorney General’s office claims Meta enables adult users to search, text, and groom plenty of minors. This is for the sake of exploiting them sexually. Moreover, his detailed statement on the matter was also put forward including how plenty of evidence was available that proved how officials in Meta are copying corporate advertisers and enabling sponsored material to pop up alongside images deemed to be very disturbing. This includes videos that violate the firm’s promised standards.

He similarly shed light on how disappointing it was to see Zuckerberg and Meta violate their own terms of service and be dishonest in terms of what actually takes place at the Meta Platforms.

Meanwhile, Match had previously warned the firm that plenty of ads linked to dating apps continued to be placed next to illegal content and they had females participating in graphic-themed films and then killed. This was published in a report by the Guardian recently.

But when the tech giant failed to generate any kind of response on this front, the CEO of Match complained to Meta’s CEO directly to solve the matter but no response was generated by Zuckerberg on this front either.

Walmart has been responding to the move too and adding how it’s unacceptable to see its ads being displayed in this manner. They have long been filing cases that spoke about how the social media giant has put off the topic with very little concern and it’s shocking because of how dangerous it can be. It also felt like the level of brand safety here was disappearing.

Adding a response to a recently filed court appeal, a spokesperson for Walmart added how they take issues like these so seriously because at the end of the day, it’s all about protecting clients as well as the community and that would continue to be their biggest priority.

Now the question is what is tech giant Meta saying about this? Well, a leading rep for the company mentioned how they never wish to promote such behavior and would never allow explicit material to be marketed via its apps. They are working hard, deploying the right kind of resources to prevent it. They hope to report on the matter each quarter in terms of how prevalent this kind of content is but they did shock many by saying it’s very low at the moment, despite all the accusations from its top corporate clients.

They also added with great furor that their systems are currently working effectively to reduce the figures for violent content online and so far, they’ve invested billions for safety, privacy, and brand suitability for all stakeholders involved. But whether or not that is going to be enough to impress their client and top regulators, we’re not sure.

The facts and figures keep on rising and we’ve witnessed companies like X already suffer massively through the hands of advertisers who paused campaigns due to such behavior. After all, the brand’s integrity is at stake, more than anything else.

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