Microsoft Surpasses Apple To Become World’s Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company

It’s been a firecracker start for software giant Microsoft who just ended the trading season in the US to become the world's most valuable firm. And that means breaking Apple’s records too.

The findings arose on Thursday when the top iPhone maker had a successful intraday for trading.

Meanwhile, the company’s shares also grew more than 3% for this week and that brought its market cap to a whopping $2.89 trillion. Meanwhile, it was the opposite for leading iPhone maker Apple whose dropped by more than 3% and reached a staggering value of $2.87 trillion.

It was interesting to see how Apple was downgraded to a neutral status by leading financial analyst James Cordwell. After all, watching the Cupertino firm get downgraded so quickly and fiercely is never going to be appreciated for obvious reasons. But that’s not all. He spoke about a down spell for the tech giant, adding how there is no room for upsides to arise in the next couple of years in terms of growth for iPhones. Meanwhile, he also shed light on how the company might go through a very underwhelming quarter in March.

The iPhone maker is already battling with some internal trouble after its ex-vice President is all set to retire from his leading position on the company’s board, starting next month. And that is after Al Gore served as the firm’s director, starting in 2003.

On the other hand, we saw Microsoft attain its vote of confidence in the past week after it spoke about its innovative capabilities in the world of AI. This was for developers positioned at an event held in the city of San Francisco.

The company is doing great and the pace at which it's flourishing in terms of momentum must be discussed, especially when it comes down to the leading AI products in the market today as revealed by GitHub’s website showed how traffic continues to increase year after year for a whopping three months straight.

We also saw how analysts now have the equivalency of attaining a buy rating across Microsoft’s stocks.

For more than one year, we’ve been seeing iPhone maker Apple stand tall and proud as the world’s most valuable firm for more than one year. This is after subsequent small periods as it was dominated in the past by Saudi Arabia’s leading oil-producing firm Saudi Aramco with Microsoft too, who continued to take the lead as the frontrunner.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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