Meta’s Quest vs. Apple’s Vision Pro Reality: Is Meta Still In The Race For Virtual Reality Headsets?

It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the year 2023 was all about VR and the concept of headsets related to this domain turned out to be a fascinating endeavor for tech giants.

Facebook’s parent firm Meta and its Quest headset turned out to be a popular rollout last year but things started to change when leading iPhone maker Apple made announcements about Vision Pro Reality that had people glued to their screens in anticipation of something innovative and exciting to hold on to.

Others were quick to note that Meta’s Quest was inferior when compared to the features outlined by Apple for its Vision Pro, making the former appear more like a toy than anything else.

Quest sales are therefore now being analyzed and tracked down to review how well it fared against potential rivals of the industry, comparing it to figures from the past. Remember, Christmas happens to be the day when sales are at their peak, transforming it into one of the largest days for activations. Remember, this year is no different.

The main question right now happens to do with whether people are actually purchasing Quest or standing in line for Apple’s mighty rollout.

Coming to stats outlined by App Intelligence via AppFigures, we saw how the Quest App from Meta received a staggering 1.8 million downloads through both the Google and Apple App Store. The majority of the installations arose during Christmas. The latter is a modest 3% rise from figures seen in the past so when you put things into perspective, things are rapidly growing as we speak.

Nearly 60% of all downloads arose from Apple’s App Store and 40% came from the Google Play store. The figures are lining up from that seen in the past few years and it also means that Apple’s Vision Pro is yet to crush Meta’s Quest, at least for now.
When you take a step back and zoom out, things might appear a little different. The estimates depicted prove how Meta’s Quest was installed a whopping six million times throughout 2023, making it a substantial decrease from nine million seen in 2022 and seven million observed in 2021.

Perhaps Meta’s Quest is failing in terms of maintaining the right kind of momentum here. But it might be too soon to pass judgments just yet. Things could change after iPhone maker Apple begins the shipments for headsets in the next few months.

Christmas sales data reveals a surge in Quest app downloads, but Apple's Vision Pro maintains a significant presence and allure.

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