Google Maps has Introduced the Bluetooth Beacon Feature to Help Navigate in the Tunnels

Google Maps is a very helpful app to navigate your way. Global Positioning System (GPS) helps many people find their way but Tunnel Navigation is something that even apps like Google Maps couldn't figure out. Whenever a person is passing through a tunnel, his location suddenly disappears. Now, Google Maps has come up with something that can help the GPS even in the tunnel. Google Maps is using Bluetooth Beacons to help navigate a person even inside a tunnel, where the location of the person usually disappears.

Bluetooth Beacons aren't something new as Google-owned Waze has also used this technology in many tunnels in New York, Chicago, Paris, Brussels, and other major cities for navigation. The only difference is that to navigate in the tunnels, people have to use the Waze app for the location. Google has explained that many drivers use the Waze App to navigate the tunnels as GPS signals cannot reach there. Bluetooth Beacons are a great way to ensure that drivers are going to the right location inside the tunnel. Now, Google has said that Bluetooth Navigation is also going to be used in Google Maps to help people.

To use Bluetooth Beacon, users have to enable the feature on Google Maps. To turn on this feature, go to Google Maps settings and then to Navigation Settings. Click on Driving Options at the bottom and enable Tunnel Bluetooth Beacons as the feature is disabled by default. This feature was first introduced in October 2023 but not many users were aware of it. But now, the Bluetooth Beacons feature is available for all on Google Maps so the drivers can enable this feature for better navigation. When you enable this feature, Google Maps will ask you permission to scan the nearby devices. Give the permission and enable the feature. One thing worth mentioning here is that this feature is only available for Android now as Google hasn't said anything about IOS devices.

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