Google Introduces AI-Powered Conversational Features to Enhance Search Ads

Google has recently launched a new feature in Google Ads. With the help of this feature, the users will be able to enjoy a more conversational experience with the advanced Gemini AI model. The innovative strategy was announced in May and is now available in Beta to English-speaking advertisers in the USA and U.K.

Plans for a global rollout are also underway and anticipated to reach a broader audience in a couple of weeks.

This conversational AI allows advertisers to automatically generate relevant ad content, including creative elements and keywords, directly from a website URL. Early testing has shown promising results, with advertisers reporting the creation of higher-quality search campaigns and improved ad-strength scores, which assess the relevance, quality, and diversity of ad copy.

Google, in a blog post, claims that "small business advertisers that use the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42 percent more likely to publish Search campaigns with “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength." Adding further, "This is significant", Why? Because, as per the search giant, they've "found a strong correlation between Ad Strength and conversions". They also provided an example for this: "advertisers who improve Ad Strength for their responsive search ads from “Poor” to “Excellent” see 12% more conversions on average."

In future updates, the search platform is likely to become more visual by offering images using generative AI. These visuals will be customized as per each specific campaign. They will also require advertiser approval before going live.

Moreover, all images created with this technology in Google Ads will be marked with SynthID, an invisible watermark indicating AI generation. This feature, developed by Google DeepMind, ensures easy identification of AI-generated images while remaining imperceptible to human users.

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