Google Adds Useful Generative AI Features Into Chrome Including A Way To Reduce Clutter From Open Tabs

Search engine giant Google is including more aspects of generative AI into Chrome and that entails a way to get rid of clutter arising from open tabs.

The exciting new tools will be seen on the latest Chrome 121 release for both Macs and Windows. After the update is made to the browser, users can access a wide lineup of features via the settings panel dubbed Experimental AI.

The rollout called Organize Tabs was created to soften the open browser tabs found on groups. This way, it limits clutter toward the browser’s top. This way, the rollout would work by keeping open tabs organized through similar topics in a matter of seconds, saving the user from sorting tabs through manual means.

For instance, several bunches of tabs are found on Pixel 8 devices. So this tool can group all of them in one go and automatically put them under a single banner dubbed Google Pixel.

To use such features, all the user needs to do is click on the tab and select the feature called Organize Similar Tabs or just press on the drop-down arrow found on the tab's left-hand side. In this way, Chrome will make name suggestions and add emojis into groups so they’re found easily when they might require them.

Remember, this is a very experimental ordeal so do expect the tool to work all of the time. For instance, we experimented with it today. But Chrome added how the feature wasn’t available for all so perhaps it was rolled out for a short time by mistake and perhaps only to a limited number of testers.

The second rollout that’s been getting crazy hype has to do with Google Chrome entailing image production. So in this manner, users can customize their looks across a certain browser. For now, the firm is including another feature that combines AI algorithms in one place to generate customized wallpapers depending on any desirable topic or mood.

You can create customized themes depending on the subject and visual style as well as the hue that you wish to have. For instance, you wish to see an animated style of something so you can see a vast range of options popping up on Google Chrome.

Just press on Customize Chrome and see the magic unfold, the firm added. You can alter this setting by pressing Change Theme and Create Using AI.

The next feature that’s causing a stir is known as Help Me Write. This would be up for grabs across Chrome by next month. Such tools can polish, alter, and even expand the tone of the text that needs to be produced through the browser. After arriving, the company says users would click on the right side and a text box would pop up for the whole AI process to take center stage.

The unique features would be coming at a time when we see software giant Microsft adding generative AI across the Edge Browser, Bing Search, and Windows. As a response to that, the search engine giant mentioned how it’s combining AI models to search and now it’s Chrome on Google which is going to be the newest part of the incident.

To make the most of the test, users can reach the lineup for Experimental AI features through Google Chrome by pressing on the three-dot menu on the upper right-hand side. Simply press on settings after that and then the Experimental AI panel would pop up across the left side.

Since such features are a part of a new and early public test, they’re not going to be up for grabs for any educational accounts on Chrome of business counts too.

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