Creators Upset Over TikTok's AI-Generated Search Term Quirks

TikTok is using artificial intelligence to suggest search terms on its videos. This is part of its plan to make the app a popular place for searches. The AI looks at things like what users comment and what they search for after watching a video. This is how it decides what search terms to suggest.

But this feature has led to some strange results. Creators and viewers have noticed that TikTok sometimes suggests search terms that don't match the video. These terms can be random or even give the wrong idea about the video's content.

For instance, in one funny video by Christian Vierling, TikTok suggested the unrelated term "christian vierling rehab". This left some users puzzled and even led to videos highlighting the issue.

TikTok says it doesn't have people choosing these search terms. It's all done by AI based on what's popular and what people are talking about in the video. They try to avoid harmful suggestions, like bullying, as highlighted in their platform guidelines section. If a bad search suggestion appears, users can report it. Creators can also block certain words in their comments, which helps prevent those words from becoming search suggestions.

Even with these efforts, influencers have said that the system can still create false or sensational search terms. Creator Joel Bervell pointed out that creators don't have control over the suggested search terms and often don't know what's being suggested unless they check from another account.

Influencers Voice Concerns Over TikTok's Unpredictable Search Term Recommendations
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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