AI-Penned Product Descriptions: A Cost-Saving Revolution or a Potential Threat to Consumer Experience?

Product reviews and ratings on Amazon are not always true and sincere. Most of the time, they are fake and that's how fraud on Amazon happens. Now, Amazon is trying out AI reviews and the results are quite interesting. It was predicted that using AI reviews on Amazon would bring more fake reviews and the customers’ trust in Amazon products will decrease. Shira Ovide from The Washington Post, did some research on Amazon to see these so-called AI reviews. She picked a cup from an Amazon shop and scrolled down to see the reviews. The very first thing she saw was a few sentences about ‘what customers say’ about the cup. Amazon said that it's a summary of more than 40,000 reviews of the product. To see these AI summaries, users need to log in and not every product on Amazon is seen with an AI summary of all reviews.

The positive reviews are highlighted in green while the negative ones are highlighted in yellow and gray. AI summary is advantageous if the customers do not have the time to read every review of the product. But we still cannot trust AI reviews completely. When searching for other AI reviews, it was found that the AI didn't summarize some big negative reviews of a product while exaggerating its positive reviews. If the human reviews of the product are fake, then obviously the AI review will also be fake as it summarizes the already existing reviews.

Another thing that e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are using AI for is to write product descriptions after showing a picture of the product. Meta and Amazon say that such kind of AI usage will save them the cost of product advertisements and will be far better than the ones you see on shopping sites.
On the other hand, there is a chance that Amazon will pay people to write positive reviews or use certain keywords so the AI can also use them in its review. It can already be seen in Google's Search AI. Now the websites are using keywords that make them appear in Google's web AI. When this kind of method is used in shopping, it will make the customer experience worse.

Uncovering flaws in AI summarization, as Amazon's system omits negative reviews while accentuating positives.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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