A Survey Shows How Much People From Different Countries Trust the United Nations

Everyone has different opinions about the United Nations(UN). Not every individual trusts the United Nations and that is because of some of its policies. A recent survey from Eldelman’s 2024 Trust Barometer Global Report shows which countries trust the United Nations the most and which ones trust it the least. The survey was done among 32,000 people from 28 countries to check whether they agree with policies of the United Nations or if they do not trust them.

The result of the survey showed that people from Japan and Argentina trusted the United Nations the least. They believe that the UN isn't doing the right thing to promote peace. Both Japan and Argentina have only 38% trust in this organization. The other country that was ranked the lowest in terms of trust in the UN was Italy with only 48% trust rate.

The USA showed a 50% result in the survey. This means half the people who were included in the survey believe the United Nations while the other half don't. Same percentage(50%) was from Spain, Ireland and Germany. The countries that have the most trust in the United Nations are Kenya and India. The 77% respondents from both these countries trust the United Nations. China is also close behind them with 76% trust rate in the UN.

The result of this survey showed that Asian and African countries tend to trust the United Nations the most. The only African country with a low trust rate in the UN was South Africa with 53% trust rate and an Asian country, South Korea, with 56% trust rate. Keep in mind that the data of this survey is only based on a few respondents from each country. Other people from other countries can have different opinions about trusting the United Nations.

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