YouTube Gears Up For The Launch Of Fewer But Longer Ad Breaks For Television Viewers

If there’s one thing that users simply aren’t a fan of on YouTube, it’s the nuisance of ads.

But the company makes most of its revenue through advertising and it’s not going anywhere, that’s for sure. However, YouTube does plan on limiting the frequency of ads for television viewers but that would come at a cost.

Thankfully, it’s being very transparent about the news and how it would be rolling out longer ads that go up to 45 seconds. It's certainly a major increase in duration so while watching on the bigger screen, be prepared to sit through a longer ad break, Google confirmed today.

And just in case you might be wondering, the news comes after the app was called out for the launch of ads that you couldn’t skip, meaning for 30 seconds you would stay put, whether you liked it or not.

Now, thanks to all the complaints generated in the app’s direction, we’re hearing more about the platform launching fewer but longer-duration ads. They feel this is the best way to limit disruptions during viewership.

We saw search engine giant Google put out further support regarding the change that it claims has been in the works since September of this year. They added how the response came after seeing people’s feedback generated through a survey conducted online where people were asked which advertising format they preferred.

The news failed in terms of delineating the length of the advertising breaks but from the GIF released so far as an example, it hinted to last to about 47 seconds and that means you cannot skip it, even if you want to.

A new statement was launched by Google in this regard that mentioned how the actual duration depended more on the nature of the ads. This means you can choose whether to skip it or not but at the same time, they failed to delineate how long they would last.

Longer duration ad breaks are obviously annoying but the firm clarified how they would just be limited to those linked to content that’s specifically long form in duration. Additionally, the longer ones will display the amount of time remaining instead of the figure for ads served.

YouTube has been very open about how most of its users are okay with longer ads but fewer. Seeing an ad pop up frequently, even if it’s short is definitely not appealing to the masses, it added.

It even shared results from the survey including how 79% of those viewing would like to see ads grouped as one instead of it being distributed throughout the video. It also sheds light on how the decision came into effect after testing out the endeavor and seeing how users were getting a more seamless experience when seeing things on the big screen.

The rollout was deep in controversy when people wondered how they would be seeing ads on YouTube shorts and if such short-form content would be getting long ads too.

Thankfully, you can take a sigh of relief as that’s not the case. YouTube Shorts when viewed on television screens will have the same number and duration of ads as seen on your regular mobile device. In case you want to skip it, you can through the remote of the TV, similar to how you would skip by pressing your finger on the device’s screen.

With YouTube shorts being displayed in a manner that was very much like that seen on your mobile device, viewers can use television remotes to navigate through the content and control the viewing experience seamlessly.

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