EU Questions Google And Apple About Its Systemic Risks Across The Play Store And App Store

The EU has generated new requests for tech giants Google and Apple regarding further clarification of the systemic risks observed on the Play and App Store.

The request was rolled out on Thursday and that's where further detailed explanations were demanded on the matter that it claims is concerning. It wants both companies to clarify what has been done so far in terms of those apps serving as online purchasing platforms under the new rule dubbed DSA.

This particular commission requested providers linked to these services to give more details about how they plan on correctly identifying the risks involved and what they were doing to solve the matter.

Both companies in question were provided a deadline of January 15 to begin.

They seem to be an integral part of a claim featuring dozens of famous names from the tech world who continue to face major legal scrutiny, ever since the DSA was rolled out and created a stir in 2023.
Many new restrictions and obligations were a part of the law to help keep unlawful content at bay and determine the major security risks seen online. Therefore, a lot of other queries put forward in front of the Android and iPhone makers had to do with issues linked to transparency and those having to do with recommendations and ads placed online.

The next few steps meant giving rise to a list of formal proceedings that could involve both companies, in case they have failed to provide the necessary solutions in this regard. After all, no one wants to get into the turmoil of an EU lawsuit that heavily penalizes those it finds guilty of inappropriate activity.

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