Snapchat+ hits $22M in November, 216% YoY growth; 89% App Store dominance

Snapchat+ just hit its highest month of cash ever! 

According to AppFigures data, in November, Snapchat grabbed a decent $22 million from both the App Store and Google Play. That's like a 23% jump from October and a massive 216% more than back in January.

If we look at the whole year, Snapchat's money game was pretty steady, except for a funky time in September.

Most of the cash flow is from the App Store, like 89% for the whole year and still 86% in November. But here's the scoop—Google Play is catching up.

When it comes to the countries that generate the best revenue for Snapchat, the United States is still the jackpot, but now there are four countries where the cash is more than a million, up from just two in October.

Hold on tight—81 countries saw their cash go up double digits in November. Like Egypt getting 75% more, hitting $15K, and Argentina doubling to $90K. France went big with a 58% jump, making $1.2 million.

So, why are people paying to test stuff? Well, they're not!

Snapchat+ changed a lot from the beginning, kinda like Twitter Blue. At first, it was a bit blah, but now it's got some cool stuff, and the best part—a badge. If you're into pricing things, there's some real cool stuff to learn.

Snap wasn't the first to make money off people, but they're ahead of the game. Twitter's got everyone, and that makes it tricky to make money. Not impossible, but definitely trickier. I guess most of Twitter's cash is coming from new folks.

Sure, Snapchat+ isn't replacing the big bucks from ads, but it's moving in the right direction. They're not just treating users like a product, and that's something to like.

Snapchat+ bucks skepticism, achieves peak revenue, evolves for users seeking distinct experiences.

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