Wikipedia Unravels Its Most Searched Articles For 2023 As Company Celebrates 84 Billion View Milestone

New Year celebrations are being planned at Wikipedia but right before the fun starts, the company is generating a list of its most searched articles in 2023. And that’s while it lauds its non-profit platform for attaining a staggering milestone featuring 84 billion views this year.

If you’re an avid user of the popular online encyclopedia, you must have searched for articles to attain more information on any particular topic. But one ranked to be the most popular amongst them all and it’s no surprise to guess which one topped the list, leaving all others far behind.

The trend of generative AI really revolutionized the tech world and that’s why so many eager users were keen to see and explore more related to this domain.

The figures were announced on Tuesday by the company which says the popular AI platform had people super intrigued to learn more about ChatGPT, how it’s used, and what it can do for them.

Yes, the brainchild behind the revolutionizing AI tool was OpenAI and even they did not realize how massive of a phenomenon the offering would become after its release.

The launch that arose just one year back had sales for the AI endeavor reach skyrocketing figures and the public was curious about how it was entering the world of education, health, religion, technology, and so many others. To put it simply, it was everywhere.

We saw it bring out massive debates in terms of how promising it can be and if its use is really worth it, considering the potential dangers that come with the technology. A lot of that was discussed in the encyclopedia.

Coming back to the rankings, the second most popular article that was read by the masses included the yearly list of deaths that arose this year. Every single year, the figure and popularity of such articles continue to rise. Last year, it managed to take the fourth spot while in 2021, it was ranked as the most popular article.

Hence, we were not surprised to see it reach number two this year as many were keen on discovering how many people died this year and how. Popular names in the world of celebs whose deaths were searched for included Friends actor Matthew Perry and singer Lisa Marie Presley.

The third position went to the famous World Cup in Cricket that arose this year. For those who might not be aware, cricket happens to be a popular global sport and when big competitions like these take place, they’re searched for with greater interest by many.

Meanwhile, the top 25 also had three other cricket-based entries and that just goes to show how popular the sport is and how much people love to read and learn more about it.

The fourth position went to the IPL which is India’s Premiere League competition for Cricket and it features teams with some of the biggest global names in the sport.

Many others that managed to sneak in with millions of views included artist Taylor Swift and the cinema feud between Oppenheimer and Barbie whose release dates coincided. Therefore, people were worried in terms of which to watch and which do not. So who better to turn to in terms of answering such deliberations than this.

You can view English Wikipedia’s top list of most viewed articles on its website with the total view counts for each enlisted, side by side.

This particular list was generated using results garnered from English Wikipedia as outlined on November 28, 2023. But if you wish to see the changes made after the year ends, the complete comprehensive list will be up for grabs for viewers to see by the first week of January 2024.

Before we wrap up, a few other interesting facts worth mentioning are how the country whose members attained access to the encyclopedia the most in 2023 was the US, followed by the UK and India. Canada took the fourth position while the top five was wrapped up with Australia trailing behind closely.

Wikipedia reveals 2023's top articles, with ChatGPT leading, followed by annual death list and Cricket World Cup.

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