Threads Witnesses Nearly Double Downloads In The Last Few Days As Pressure Of Competition Mounts On X

Instagram’s latest offering, Threads may not have maintained the start that many had envisioned in 2023 but recent stats are putting up a completely different picture.

Downloads for Threads have almost doubled over the last few days and X (Twitter) is certainly feeling the pressure as it is in constant threat of being overpaced by Meta’s offering.

The tech giant has been really working hard to get back its user base after rolling out a list of changes that have been in demand for so long. This includes the app’s launch in the EU that’s all set to take center stage this month after a long time coming.

Therefore, the magic of Meta is finally working and when you compare the download figures of X against Threads, you can see the latter overtaking the former big time, and that’s nearly double what many had envisioned.

When we look at the figures in a more absolute number, X attained close to 27 million installations since September of this year. Meanwhile, Threads got 41 million as per estimates. Before we forget, the figures for X also entail Twitter Lite which is yet to be renamed.

But one thing that’s certainly surprising is how the Indian market is a part of the biggest driving force for Threads’ success. Close to 9 million users were downloading the app in the South East Asian nation as per recently published stats from App Intelligence.

In second place was the US which was trailing behind with 6 million installations.

For quite some time now, we’ve seen India be deemed as the leading market for Meta’s Instagram app so this was not at all surprising. However, seeing the country take the lead at such an initial stage was not something that many saw coming.
As far as context is concerned, America is not the largest nation when it comes to X’s successful downloads either. Stats proved how it was actually Indonesia, closely followed by India, with the US trailing behind.

As a whole, the combination of these three nations failed to complete the figure that was attained by India alone in terms of Meta’s Threads platform.

For now, we do not know who is going to win that race but we do know one specific thing for sure, Twitter continues to lose momentum ever since Musk’s rebranding of the app to X. And when you’re talking about an app this huge, time is required to get it back to where it once stood. But experts definitely predict that if rebranding did not take place, Twitter would have outpaced Threads without a second thought.

You can read more on this from App Intelligence’s website which has been putting out the latest market research for all leading apps of today. But until then, Meta’s celebrating its success for Threads.

H/T: Appfigures

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