Amazon, SHEIN, Temu or Walmart? Which Shopping Platforms Reigned Supreme In 2023

As we unite to bid farewell to the year 2023, it’s time to discuss some of this year’s highs and lows when it comes to online shopping.

While most of us think of Amazon as the biggest and most popular platform for this endeavor, stats from App Intelligence proved otherwise. This was not a great year for the e-commerce giant in terms of getting great user download figures. Perhaps one of the reasons could be linked to the fact that most people already have it with them.

Another trending reason could be the fact that there’s a lot more competition out there today. And that seems to be a more reasonable explanation.

We just witnessed the end of two major shopping events that most users wait all year long for. The first is Black Friday with undeniable sales and the second is Cyber Monday which attracts thousands of users from all over the globe.

Both events give us great insight in terms of which shopping platforms managed to grab users’ attention. And if you are thinking it’s Amazon, well, that’s not the case.

After analyzing, the biggest online shopping apps in America were undoubtedly Amazon, Temu, SHEIN, and Walmart. And some were seen marketing more intensely than others.

As a whole, the figures for downloads attained a 6% growth when you compare the stats of this year in November to that seen in the past during the same month.

When you glance over the whole Shopping category, sales were much less this year as per the latest figures from the Mobile Download Index, which is a clear sign. But not every single platform enjoyed growth of a similar kind.

If we had to consider newer downloads, it’s interesting how Amazon took the last position in November. As per estimates, just 1.8 million installations arose for the retail giant which was surprising for many. But the misery for Amazon did not end there. We saw the platform go down by a staggering 27%.

When you move in an upward direction, you witness Walmart coming in third with a staggering 2.5 million installations after attaining growth of 40% in the past month. And despite the bump, the downloads for Walmart were nearly 2% less than what was seen in November last year.

What’s the reason? Well, we’ll reveal the reason in a bit as we further go into the depth of other results that will certainly make things much clearer as to what the conclusion on this front is.

SHEIN attained the second position with its user base gaining 2.8 million customers in the US alone. But unlike other competition in the same sector, the downloads also saw a massive 26% rise when compared with the stats of last year during the same period. This might be another huge reason why the firm is transforming into a public entity sooner rather than later.

And in the first place, it was Temu that took over the crowning glory. The popular shopping platform took over America by storm, thanks to its insane advertising campaigns that managed to push it right to the top of the App Store as well as Google Play Store frequently.

Temu witnessed close to 7.2 million installations across America in November alone, which is a staggering 16% rise from what was seen during the same month in 2022.

And in case you happen to be counting out the figures inside your head, the figures for downloads were much greater than all of the three leading online shopping apps combined. How’s that for a massive breakthrough?

Now the question is how or why did the top retail giants including Amazon and Walmart fall short of attaining success during the most glorifying moment of the year. It cannot be linked to advertising spending as all firms can take part in that. What we can see is how it’s all related to pricing.

The offerings from Temu are super cost-effective and as per reviews attained from users so far, they are worth every penny. Hence, people are willing to take a risk and make the most of the dirt-cheap products.

The same has to do with SHEIN which has been rolling in the same boat for the very same reasons. Low pricing and great quality have attracted the masses, supplemented by great reviews.

And when you’re seeing the world embattle inflation with huge debts, people would much rather use credit cards to pay later and make purchases now. And when things are cheap, why wouldn’t you get on board with that very specific type of offer? Remember, the more the savings, the happier the shopping customer.

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H/T: Appfigures

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