Silliest Trolling Unleashed on Meta's Threads with New Hashless Topic Tags

Recently, Meta introduced tags feature on Threads, a microblogging app of Instagram. Users are enjoying this feature and making it a fun way to interact with other users. Threads' "topic tags" resemble hashtags but there’s no hashtag symbol and users can also include spaces, making the hashtags look like regular sentences. As these tags are highlighted in blue and linked to posts like regular hashtags, users are using them to prank others.

One of the Threads users created a post with some text and added a “Show more" tag at the end but it seemed like there’s more text to the post. When the other users clicked "Show more" to view the rest of the post, they were redirected to the page for that tag.

Threads' New Hashless Tags: The Doorway to Silliest Trolling

Most users thought that it was a bug and clicked on the tag again and again, but were fooled. Thread user @freezydorito who is an employee in Meta was the one who initiated this hashtag joke. The joke is simple and fun and the fact that the text is blue colored is not a giveaway and people often fall for it. Even on Facebook, the option to see the full post (See More) is often shown in gray color. The blue colored text is linked to X so people thought it was something like that. The users say that this silly trick and joke has transported them back to the lighthearted era of the internet.

The For You feed of Threads is already filled with questionable recommendations and other posts, now the people are posting about this prank and many people are getting fooled. Some may say that users will get bored of this joke soon, maybe in a week or so. It is also worth mentioning that Threads recently got launched in Europe and will surely see a number of more users. Now we will have to see how much time it will take Meta to remove this feature from the app.

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