Here Are the Most Popular Threads Topics Tags So Far

Topics tags are now available to Threads users around the world, and this can give us a bird’s eye view of what people are talking about on the platform with all things having been considered and taken into account. A web developer by the name of Max Mykhalchuk has assembled some of the most popular Threads topics for the purposes of ascertaining what users are discussing, and it turns out that there are a lot of differences between them and the most popular hashtags.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the most popular topics tag on Threads happens to be the platform itself. There have been about 17,300 posts made with this tag, although this is likely due to topics being quite new. As they get older, more tags will rise to the top and make the list more diverse than might have been the case otherwise.

That said, the second most talked about topic at present appears to be the NBA. NBAThreads has seen nearly 4,000 posts so far, or 3,985 to be precise, and it is followed closely by Tech Threads. There are just under 2,800 posts made with this tag, all of which discuss the latest tech trends and news.

Photography has also ended up being a rather popular tag, with 2,545 posts made as of the publishing of this data, and Womensupportingwomen is yet another tag that has broken the 2,000 posts mark with 2,124 posts in total.

No other tag managed to surpass 2,000 posts, with hashtags as a topic reaching 1,778 posts, and Free Palestine reaching 1,483 posts all in all. Bookthreads wasn’t far behind with 1,396 posts, and no other topic crossed the 1,000 mark. Virtually every single post on Threads, 99%, has stopped using the customary hashtag sign, indicating that Meta’s attempts to move away from this symbol has been working quite well.

That’s not to say that hashtags have gone away entirely, of course. Hashtag itself was the most popular hashtag of all, AvengersWatchParty came in second, and NBAThreads also saw a relatively high level of popularity. It will be interesting to see where things go from here on out, since Threads is potentially going to supplant Twitter, now known as X, in the world of microblogging.

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