Pinterest's Crystal Ball Reveals Unexpected Trends, from Jellyfish-inspired Design to 70s-style Weddings

Pinterest has just released their "Pinterest Predicts" trend report, which you can think of as their crystal ball for what's trending on the platform. They claim to be trend forecasters, predicting what everyone will do, try, or buy next. And they're not being shy about it; they claim that 80% of their forecasts from the previous four years came true.

So, what's the buzz for the next big thing? Well, Pinterest's 2023 trend report comes in a fancy new format, with topics floating around like they're having a party on your screen. You can tap into any trend to get the lowdown, with a one-page overview featuring all the deets – search terms, example Pins, the whole shebang. Want the Cliff Notes version? There's a 6-page PDF for that.

Now, brace yourself for the trends – we're talking "Western goth," jellyfish-inspired design, vintage jazz, 70s-style weddings, home aquarium architecture (yes, really), ceramic piggy banks, and badminton. Yeah, it's a mix – but Pinterest insists they're 80% sure these are the things you'll be talking about next year. Check out their mini-site for the full scoop on each trend.

And guess what? Gen Z and Millennials are apparently going nuts on Pinterest. They're not just scrolling; they're saving trends like there's no tomorrow. Pinterest proudly shares that last year, there was a 25% spike in saves related to all their 2023 trend predictions among Millennials. Looks like Pinterest isn't just for your aunt posting recipe ideas anymore.

In the spirit of giving, Pinterest says brands can now sponsor a trend from their crystal ball report. It comes with special rights to a trend in your country and a custom badge for your ads. So, if you were wondering how to sprinkle a bit of trendiness into your marketing, there you go.

With over 482 million users on Pinterest and counting, it might just be the place to sprinkle your magic marketing dust in 2024. So, get those Pins ready, folks!

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