Percentage Of American Adults And Teens That Support TikTok Ban Sharply Declines, New Study Proves

The thought of a TikTok ban may have gotten plenty of appreciation in the past but a new study proves how American adults as well as teens are showing a dramatic decrease in terms of support for such an act.

For those who might not be aware, the TikTok ban took center stage after its parent firm ByteDance was slammed for having such close ties with governmental parties in the country. To be more specific, the thought of sharing data with the Communist Party was heavily criticized and the app was forced to undergo scrutiny in this regard.

In addition to that, we saw it receive criticism for the way the app affected the mental health of young minds as plenty of studies by top researchers proved some alarming figures.

The app is certainly a viral phenomenon with not just adults but it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how it’s a viral sensation for the younger generation who simply cannot get enough.

So many leading members belonging to top politicians were great at condemning the app as they deemed it to be super risky for both the youth as well as the country’s national security. And now, a top-of-the-line study from the Pew Research Center showed how the figures for support of such a ban against the world-famous app are declining sharply.

Many citizens do not feel the need for supporting such bans and the exact figures fell from 50% to 38% as per the recently held survey. Other sorts of opposition had to do with uncertainty regarding the ban today as opposed to the past.

Backing for a ban on TikTok in the United States among adults has decreased since March 2023

While the figures for Americans scattered across several demographics who dislike the ban increase, there are plenty of interesting stats in terms of how the results vary as per age and political opinions too, the study showed.

Nealry 50% of Republicans in several surveys showed how they greatly supported the ban while that also showed a 10% decline since the start of March.

On the other hand, the change as far as the Democrats are concerned is greatly noticeable as they flipped from showing support as compared to showing opposition to what was seen in March, and now, it’s a mixed bag of responses.

Coming to the teenage audience, nearly 44% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats were in favor of the ban.

In other news, the platform’s parent firm is dealing with its own dilemma linked to losses as it strives to reach for more growth.

Plenty of adults below the age of 30 years repeatedly don't support such a ban while older age groups are leaning more toward new perspectives.

A major difference in opinions is linked to users who fail to show support for such a ban as well as non-users who continue to praise it. This kind of uncertainty as well as dislike continues to rise as we speak.

Another interesting finding from such a study is linked to how the support for such bans continues to fall among those who are well aware of how TikTok is linked to China. Coming down to the public, they are willing to sideline that thought and still show support for TikTok because that’s how much they adore it to bits and pieces.

In March, around 60% of those individuals who knew ByteDance is linked to China and has its ground base there were showing support for the ban. Now, months later, that figure fell down to 43%.

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