New Survey Shows More Than 50% Of Gen Z Adults Have Purchased From An Influencer Brand

There was a time when influencers were solely looked upon as a leading name to voice a certain brand. But as proven by the latest statistics, that’s far from the truth.

Influencers are now growing so much in power that they can also impact a brand’s revenue, diversify their respective apps, and serve as solo media channels without any assistance.

The news comes from data arising from a recently published study by the Morning Consult. This displayed some key stats worth a mention. For instance, 53% of all Gen Z consumers in the US ended up buying products from a brand that was founded by an influencer. Meanwhile, the same was the case for millennials where the figures stood at 47%.

Social media dominance continues: Influencers will likely maintain their influence in the coming year.

A whopping 2,200 Adults based in the US took part in this research during the start of November.

The study dived down deep to look at the popular influencers that continue to do so well in this domain. The products are aligned with the specific brand in question and they need to be as original as possible, experts mentioned.

But before they can reach such a powerful position, the influencers are required to have a huge reach that impacts the masses and the proper platform that they can refer to as one of their own.
Today, the list for leading influencers among the teenage population in America this year were Alix Earle and world-famous YouTuber Mr. Beast. The latter is known for selling his own products while Earle is currently launching her own brand.

So what does this mean? Well, if you have your own brand or business, you might wish to consider working by the side of influencers for stocking and sales of their goods. And from these stats, it’s proof of how Gen Z trusts influencers so much that they’re ready to make purchases to this extent.

The results also proved how these individuals were a part of the group who spent close to four hours on average, each day, surfing online through social media. The stats showed no signs of a decline and it was evident how the dominating effect of social media influencers will carry on in the proceeding year too.

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