Unlocking Creativity and Problem-Solving: 34% of Users Leverage Free AI Tools, New Survey Finds

A report by Atomicwork shows the user frequency of artificial intelligence (AI) usage in its report, called “The State of AI in IT-2024”. The report indicates the percentage of people who use AI frequently in North America. According to the report, 75% of the people in North America said that they frequently use free AI for their work. 45% of the people said that they use free AI weekly for their work.

The respondents who were part of the survey were also asked what purposes they use the free AI tools for. 34% of them said that they use free AI tools to enhance their creativity and for problem-solving certain issues. 30% of them use these free AI tools for emails or editing already-written emails. There were also people (26%) who used free AI tools for content creation or editing the already written material. When asked these people if they had heard about ChatGPT and Bard, 74% said that they were familiar with ChatGPT but only 4% said that they had heard of Bard.
When respondents were asked if they were okay if their company is using AI for work. A total of 52% said that they were okay with it. 21% are okay with AI usage at work because they say that AI is limited and cannot surpass the human brain. 18% said that they are okay because they are not using it precisely and strictly for work. 9% believe that they are not completely taking help from AI so it's okay. All of this data shows that most of the respondents, three-quarters to be exact, are Pro AI.

Then the survey also asked the respondents which type of work do they not want AI to do. 39% answered that they do not want AI to penetrate ethical and legal decisions. 36% do not want AI to filter in Customer Relationship Management. 33% of respondents do not want AI in People Management.

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