Microsoft Boasts Successful Stats For Its Edge Browser Including Its Copilot Shopping Services

Software giant Microsoft has had a successful year and it’s now boasting some incredible stats linked to its Edge Browser.

The company says it’s working hard to try and convert itself into the market leader for generative AI offerings by launching a plethora of services and features linked to Edge.

Recently, it rolled out some groundbreaking stats that prove how individuals make use of the browser for simple matters like conversations with the famous Copilot chatbot, leisure purposes, shopping, and so much more.

The news came in the form of a blog post that mentioned how the past year had users of the Edge browser engaging in close to 1.9 billion conversations. Similarly, it helped in the creation of a whopping 1.8 billion pictures produced via AI technology.

Similarly, the company mentioned how Edge users who made use of online shopping services saved a whopping $400. And those located globally were given the chance to avail nearly $4 billion in terms of savings on the world-famous browser.

Towards the end of the year, Microsoft launched a plethora of Copilot shopping endeavors that enabled users to include AI text prompts linked to the best deals in the business. This way, they could benefit from additional savings.

The tech giant similarly provided more support when it came down to casual games seen across the browser, a while back. Today marked the shocking finding of how users are playing more than 9000 years of casual games for free which span close to one billion minutes, since the start of the rollout.

As far as security is concerned, it has to do with Edge warding off nearly 127 malicious attempts to attack the browser. You can think of that as preventing four phishing attacks every second each year.

Last but not least, the company says that 2023 was successful for its Rewards program too. This is where it earned a staggering 148 million reward points across the browser. It’s quite ironic considering how the firm reduced the figure for reward points that individuals may earn each day through the browser several weeks back.

The year is coming to a close and as the world braces to welcome 2024 with a bang, we’re going to witness how the software giant keeps on adding AI features to the browser to make it better than before and to assist in transforming it into one of the market leaders.

Microsoft introduced Copilot shopping endeavors, enabling users to save more with AI text prompts on deals.
Photo: DIW-AIgen

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