Amnesty International Confirms India’s Government Uses Infamous Pegasus Spyware

Amnesty International is making some shocking accusations related to the Indian Government.

This has to do with a warning that was generated by iPhone maker Apple during the latter part of October. They issued a warning that accused India’s government of using the notorious Pegasus spyware to lash out at journalists and other media personnel as well as opposing political parties.

Apple is not surprised as they saw this arising a long time back. They rolled out a warning regarding the matter too, adding how it was wrong for so many reasons and how the matter needed to be taken seriously before it was too late.

Now, we’re hearing more shocking updates on this front including how the matter has involved several leading lawmakers from India that had links to parties that were in direct opposition to the nation’s prime minister.

Members added how so many alerts and threats had similarly been received from politicians as well as those linked to the press. It was obviously concerning and is now raising eyebrows on what India is doing to curb the issue.

After Apple’s allegations arose in October, India did not accept the claims and lashed out at the tech giant for blasting it in public, adding how there was no truth to the matter. Apple was then called out for having faulty algorithms and its findings were dubbed questionable and inaccurate.

Reports from the Washington Post were linked to officials expressing anger and fury and adding how tech giant Apple’s reps needed to take back the claims and warnings as they were baseless.

However, Apple did the exact opposite. In fact, it sent out a new lawsuit in the direction of the Israeli firm NSO group, who happened to be the owner of the Pegasus spyware and stood firmly against all of its claims.

It’s needless to mention how India is yet to be bothered by the act and continues to deny that it ever made use of the infamous spyware tool. But thanks to this latest report by Amnesty International, we’re seeing a new matter arise as the advocacy group is not only active but works on a non-profit basis.

Seeing the way Amnesty has alleged India of unlawful behavior means opening up a series of investigations that must be completed to further validate its claims. And so far, there is plenty of work being done in this direction.

It has reportedly made some breakthrough findings including how the invasive spyware was located across top journalists’ iPhones in the country. Some names were also provided and they belonged to those who have made it big in the media industry like the Editor for The Organized Crime and Corruption Report.

The firm added how such revelations arise at a time when journalists in the country continually face threats of being exploited from their jobs. They happen to be doing nothing wrong but how they continually are accused of arriving at their jobs is remarkably unlawful.

This unprecedented crackdown was not something India was expecting but how validated claims continue to pop up as we speak is proof of how nothing is going to go unnoticed.

It also alleged how traces of the spyware activity could be located on phones that were under the ownership of journalists from India.

Therefore, Amnesty International is calling on different countries to pay heed and ban the respective use of this spyware after India was singled out.

Amnesty International's report reveals Pegasus spyware on top journalists' iPhones, prompting further investigations.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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