Meta Rolls Out Keyword Search For Threads As App Finally Gears Up For EU Launch This Month

Meta’s Threads app may have gotten an explosive start but it failed to captivate audiences after a short period. There were plenty of problems to begin with, not to mention the fact that users in the EU didn’t have access to it.

But it appears that the platform is all set to be rolled out in Europe this month - a piece of news that many had been wanting to hear for months. Meta is giving glad tidings to fans who are yet to experience the offerings of the platform.

The company always told users that it was a long time coming because it needed to make sure the app complied with the harsh set of regulations in the region, not to mention the recent DMA. So Mark Zuckerberg was clearly in no rush to force anything, allowing the app to take its own sweet time until he and leading executives figured out that the time was right.

The fact that so many users in the EU were barred from accessing Threads meant that they had no choice but to make use of VPNs to break in and that did work just fine for so many. But again, it was a hassle as the rest of the world enjoyed the glory of easy access.

Now, the firm says it is taking the right steps for its EU launch so that means the text-based platform can pop up as early as this month.

The news regarding the matter was first published by The New York Times which says that the offering might first be done through a specific view-only interface so that it is in line with the region’s data privacy rules.

In this way, users would only be able to see posts and browse through the app without any option to make their own profiles. But to actually publish content through the social media app, a profile is necessary and that’s what is bothering many.

For now, it’s not clear what plans are in the story by Meta regarding this front including which plan of action would be used to create a more tailored recommendation algorithm without having user profiles as an option.

In the past, user accounts were directly linked to their Instagram ones so that means if you had one, you could automatically log into the other with the same account credentials and followers too. But if you wished to delete the latter, the former would have to be deleted too, striking outrage across the board. Imagine having to get rid of your account that you worked long and hard to attain in terms of the right user base for engagement, especially those having business accounts or ones that were monetizing through content on the app.

Thankfully, the update changed this and people were celebrating but it did come after a while of begging and pleading and offering suggestions to those in charge.

For those still wondering why it took so long for the EU to launch, well, the answer is simple. The app collects user data as mentioned in its privacy information across App Stores. It would track data without user consent, which is a major red flag in the EU, and bars such kinds of behavior, calling it out as an unlawful practice for obvious reasons.

Now, we are guessing that Meta is going to offer a new subscription plan for Threads, similar to what it just rolled out for Facebook and Instagram that gives users the chance to avoid ads. Hence, such a business model might be the only way out of acceptance from the EU.

In other news, as the app struggles to gain more users, it does wish to add useful changes as an incentive to attract more people. This would be an expansion of its keyword searches on the app that we first heard about as a test in the past.

Yes, you can now search for anything on the app through a simple keyword search and the best bit is that you can be present anywhere in the world to get the useful feature. In the past, we saw it being limited to just a few regions but no more as confirmed by the app's head Adam Mosseri.

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