List of Top 26 Apps that Crossed the $1 Billion Revenue in 2023

Researchers show which apps have been included in the list of $1 billion revenue this year.

2023 was a very fortunate year for some apps, including gaming apps, as some of them were trying hard to reach this milestone. We are not talking about TikTok which has reached an impressive $10 billion revenue this year. TikTok has made history with this revenue and has been termed as an elite class app. If we talk about other apps which have reached $1 billion revenue this year, there are 26 apps in total which were successful in doing so.

According to DataAI, some of the famous names include apps like ESPN, Audible and League of Legends: Wild Rift. In the last year, 23 apps reached the $1 billion revenue mark. In 2021, 26 apps were successful in gaining $1 billion from the consumers. 2020 was the year who started it all when 21 apps made this record. 2021 was the year with the highest number of apps to reach the $1 billion club. Not many apps could say that they made it to $1 billion in the past year as only 1 or 2 apps could do so in every year of the past decade.

Now we will share the list of 26 apps with $1 billion revenue in 2023. The first app is a gaming app called Age of Origins, followed by other gaming apps Arena of Valor and Arknights. Audible, Boom Beach, Crunchyroll, DAZN, DoubleU Casino and Dropbox also made it to the list. Other apps that hit the $1 billion revenue in 2023 are Duolingo, EA Sports FC, eFootball 2024, ESPN, League of Legends, Lightning Link Casino, Lineage W, Marvel Strike Force and Odin Valhalla Rising. There are many other games in the list too including One Piece Treasure Cruise, PokoPoko, Puzzles and Survival, Royal Match and Solitaire– Grand Harvest. Spotify, War and Order and World Series of Poker also made it to the $1 billion list.

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