Google’s Holiday Gift For Users Includes Major Upgrades And New Features On Chrome

Right before the holiday season kickstarts, Google has opted to give its users a treat.

This includes some major upgrades on Chrome as well as innovative features to play with while browsing. Moreover, the largest change has to do with the browser’s new Safety Check endeavor which is designed to ensure safety and privacy to the highest degree across websites.

The latest blog post from the search engine giant mentioned how there will be a background Safety Check running through automated means, whenever Chrome is used. Therefore, users will receive notifications on this front, especially in cases when a passcode is saved on Chrome and may have been breached.

In the same way, any harmful extensions would also be discussed that would serve as serious threats. If you are not making use of the newest Chrome version or if a particular page needs your undivided attention, that again would be taken into consideration.

The alerts would pop up across the Chrome menu so if any attention is needed, users can respond to it immediately. The safety check across Chrome is also designed to cut out permission so specific features may be used on a page including microphone access or locating a particular area that probably wasn’t visited in a really long time.

In situations where the user has not visited a site in a long time, yet continues to get alerts from there frequently, they’ll also be informed about that through Chrome.

Other changes are for the Memory Saver feature where more tabs are included regarding how much memory continues to be utilized and any savings that occur in cases when it’s not active.

Google has also made it simpler for users to highlight which pages they feel should remain active at all times. This way, you don’t have to constantly remind or bookmark such situations where an active status is mandatory.

Last but not least, the search engine giant added several changes for tag groups that force users to include a long list of tabs in one particular location so that it’s more organized and less chaotic. The latter is a feature that the company thinks can be useful for those using Chrome on several devices through a single account.

The features are all set to arrive on users’ desktops in the next couple of weeks. Moreover, you can save these tab groups for easier access on a host of other devices having desktops too. This gives users Chrome users the chance to carefully select any project’s support apps or programs.

Google says it hopes it can include some more innovative and useful rollouts, in addition to this handy list. The tentative date would be during the start of 2023, making use of the company’s latest and much talked about AI Gemini model. While the latter has had its own controversies, there are still a lot of hopes attached to it with more software updates coming soon.

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