IBM And Meta Enter Breakthrough AI Alliance With 50 Other Leading Organizations To Benefit From AI Innovation

Tech giants IBM and Meta have reportedly entered into the world-famous AI Alliance that comprises a global coalition featuring close to 50 global companies including the likes of Harvard, NASA, CERN, and others.

The goal appears to be linked to marketing alternative options to help bring innovation in the world of AI systems that are currently trending and used by various tech giants from all over such as OpenAI and Google.

The news was confirmed through a recently published press release which failed to delineate both Google and OpenAI as members of the breakthrough partnership. And the reason seems to be simple.

ChatGPT’s parent firm has been quite secretive in terms of its workings and offerings. This includes how models are generated and how hardware is run to create derivative models depending on existential research.

The alliance has mentioned in bold terms of the goal is to very transparent in terms of its functionalities and objectives, which is crucial in terms of enabling both users and builders as well as researchers linked to this AI domain. At the same time, they’ve mentioned clearly how safety and diversity is key as well as giving major benefit to workers applying in the field so that benefits can be gathered by all.

So many firms such as Meta could see this as a huge path forward in terms of breaking barriers and attaining transparency in a sector that used to be dominated by closed models which failed to let in on what is really happening.

Hence, the goal seems to be publishing models and going on a path that’s quite distinct from what Google and OpenAI have carried out in such a short period with absolute success.

Seeing how AI models are produced and how they are trained is also encouraging. And when AI is shown publicly, more people can benefit from this kind of research and excel further. Meta’s head for global affairs added how glad he was to see the company entering the alliance and how it could give rise to numerous possibilities in terms of sharing knowledge and technology to build responsibly.

However, experts are calling out the alliance as one that’s quite similar to the way AIM Alliance was created. The latter included the likes of Apple, Motorolla, and IBM, which came about in the year 1991. It was designed to ward off the great duopoly exhibited during that moment in time by PC giants Intel and Microsoft.

But this particular AI alliance that Meta has entered into has spanned across the tech sector, government, and even the world of academics. Moreover, the group entails plenty of platform groups too like LangChain and even Hugging Face, while government-related entities and those linked to education are also involved.

Furthermore, other than promoting the latest research linked to AI, it’s designed to carry out responsible workings like creating benchmarks and supporting AI research through global means.

Meanwhile, this partnership also has stressed diversity being included in foundation models like those that are multilingual or work through multi-modal means. The goal is to combat the many challenges that society throws in its direction linked to climate as well as education.

For now, it’s going to be interesting to see how this really shapes up the future of AI and only time can tell what benefits it can bring for those promoting the above-mentioned objectives.

Photo: DIW - AIgen

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