Google Takes Huge Swipe At Microsoft By Urging Anti-Trust Regulator To Punish The Company For Unfair Business Practices

Google is not coming slow after the tech giant urged a top antitrust regulator in the UK to investigate Microsoft for carrying out unfair business practices.

As per recently published reports by Reuters, the company blasted the software firm for leaving fellow arch-rivals in the cloud services industry at a huge disadvantage. This complaint was generated through a letter to the CMA regarding the matter.

Both Amazon as well as Microsoft continue to face huge scrutiny around the globe in terms of their leading position as top contenders for cloud computing services. We’ve seen regulators from all over the globe investigate the power they possess in today’s competitive market, which continues to serve as a leading debate.

Today, the CMA rolled out a new investigation on the matter and how the UK’s cloud computing sector was being affected through the hands of Microsoft.

When we look at past figures from 2022, we saw both AWS from Amazon and Azure from Microsoft have a total share of 70 to 80% of the nation’s cloud infrastructure as confirmed by Ofcom recently. Moreover, the Cloud Division online seemed to be the biggest competitor representing close to 5 to 10%.

A letter was rolled out toward the CMA on this matter where the Android maker felt it was high time someone took a swipe at Microsoft and how unfair its behavior has been, thanks to questionable licensing practices, despite being a second provider for Azure.

For so long, we’ve seen the tech giant’s restrictions cause so much inconvenience, and that forces users from the UK to be left with zero options other than making Azure their main provider for cloud computing. And that’s even though other better and cheaper options are present in today’s tech market, the letter added.

Such behavior causes direct harm and serves as a hurdle for competition in the UK’s computing market for cloud services. Let’s not forget how the software giant just recently updated licensing rules to take on such complaints that were growing but the changes they brought forward were called out as below satisfactory by other arch-rivals in the industry.

One spokesperson from the firm confirmed how they were working alongside separate cloud providers to combat the issues arising on this subject while confirming how hundreds were accepting the change with open arms despite the uproar.

But as per the latest evidence on this matter, we know that competition arising among cloud service providers is quite stable and healthy. Meanwhile, in Q2 of 2023, we saw the software giant get small but similar gains across Amazon’s Web Services. The latter continues to be the market leader around the globe by a huge margin, Microsoft reaffirmed.

Google’s VP for its Cloud division added how Microsoft must be penalized and further investigated for such unfair trading while praising his firm’s multi-cloud strategy to facilitate all others in the industry. That means users would be given the chance to shift from one provider for cloud services to the next, depending on what their specific requirements are.

Google has time and time again confirmed how cloud services should interoperate with software and that’s what it offers so everyone can benefit. So Google Cloud may operate on Amazon and even Microsoft’s Azure, putting an end to any kind of restrictions.

But when questioned why Amazon was not being targeted and only Microsoft, Google claims Amazon Web Services (AWS) users don’t face those kinds of restrictions.

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