Google Maps' Latest Features Give Users Greater Control Over Their Personal Information

Google Maps is giving users greater control regarding their data.

The popular navigation platform may have witnessed some criticism after it opted to change its look recently but that doesn't mean it’s not making efforts to regain users’ love and trust with the launch of some interesting features.

This is designed to give individuals more control over personal data including ways to delete any activity that delineates the exact location. It would also make it simpler to attain access easily to the location controls feature that’s part of the app’s blue dot.

The organization added how users will be able to easily witness recent activity linked to a particular place so they can delete a search, any visits, directions, and anything they’ve shared, thanks to the click of a few buttons.

Let’s say for instance a user visited a nearby bakery and also took part in a range of activities linked to that. Therefore, now, they can easily delete all of the data related to that with ease.

The blue dot in question which directs the exact location that you happen to be standing in would now provide greater control to users. After pressing that, they can access the location history or even the timeline in question.

It’s a feature on Maps that assists people in recalling certain places that they may have visited provided the settings feature is on and Maps has full access to the desired location where the device is functioning in.

This wonderfully innovative and useful feature from Google Maps will begin to launch on both iOS and Android devices, in the next few weeks, the company adds. Moreover, the app also mentioned how the chance to turn the Location History will also ensure Time is saved exactly there and then on the device.
The popular navigation app claims that users are given greater control than before. They can delete or save any history or data that belongs to them, as per their wish. Hence, if you getting a new device or are concerned about losing the current one, you’ll be given the chance to back up the data across the cloud so it’s safe at all times.

The backed-up data would be automatically encrypted so that means no one would be reading it, that’s for sure, including those running the company.

In addition to that, when Location History gets turned on for the first time, you’ll be provided with the benefit of an auto-delete setting that’s on default for three months and will stay like that unless you opt to change. In the past, we saw it set up to six months so that’s something users are happy about.

Such changes will slowly be launched to the masses at a slower pace than what many had anticipated. But we’re expecting them to be seen on both Android and iPhones by 2024. Users would get an alert whenever the update comes into play on a specific account.

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