GIPHY Showcases Its Top Trends For 2023 Including The Most Popular GIFs Used By Millions

The year 2023 is officially coming to an end but as we prepare to bid farewell, companies are winding down their special mention lists featuring awards, acknowledgments, and trends that made it big.

The latest on this front is GIPHY which showcased its most popular GIFs for 2023 that managed to steal the hearts of millions of users from all over the globe. Yes, the cute little animations that really add new life to your conversations were unveiled and as per GIPHY’s data, these are the results seen.

The top of the list or the winner for this year’s biggest GIF was ‘Yay’ which was a feature designed by Mo Williams. This included characters that were taken from the artist’s popular book collection.

The company added how this particular feature entailed the right type of balance in terms of animation as well as expressions that link two popular characters, Gerald and Piggie. The latter and former are a part of the top 25 starts for this year’s NYT’s best sellers and are also famous with GIPHY users.

Meanwhile, a host of other GIFs made it big including Saweetie’s popular Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling’s Ken from the film Barbie, Annoyed Coach, and My Existence Angers Him which were adored by the masses.

There were a host of other leading trends that arose from famous television shows like Succession and Last of US. Similarly, we saw top artists like Taylor Swift with Travis-related GIFs attain a massive 497% increase after the star started to date and attend the NFL player’s game in person.

The company also unveiled its list of top partners for 2023 and there were no surprises here. This included Peacock, Hello All, and even the NFL. At the same time, GIPHY unveiled how its top creator award went to Jinzhan who managed to overcome all other big names to be the biggest creator in terms of viewership for 2023.

But other huge names for GIF artists that made it big included DINOSALLY, Chippy the Dog, Adam J. Kurtz, and Megan Lockhart. This is all very interesting in terms of GIF trends and how animations can assist individuals in terms of expressing their opinions on the web.

So by making use of the right type of GIF, you can enhance messaging so that’s why such mentions are important to get you more in line with what’s trending and how you can incorporate those to make your chats a more wholesome experience.

But the company has also seen 2023 as one of its best years as well. It was supposed to be owned by Meta before a major upturning decision changed its ownership fate when a UK ruling overturned that purchasing deal. Today, we see its owners as Shutterstock but it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how Meta as its parent firm would certainly bring more excitement and intrigue as the opportunities for using and integrating GIFs across the board would be plenty. Do you agree?

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