Generative Parser by BrightEdge is All Set to Track Search Experience on Google

BrightEdge engineers have created a "generative parser" which will help with the launch of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) during its beta testing phase in Search Labs. The parser is made to interpret GAI formats with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The parser is made to parse queries as they will be used to rank companies and products. This tool helps to identify the layout of products when they appear in generative AI search results. BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu says that parser is helping to track Google testing in the SGE. Parser is set to release after Google will release SGE beta in December.

In addition to parser, BrightEdge has also put forward a guide related to SGE, which consists of all the examples that were a part of Google tests. This guide will help marketers a lot as it contains all the information regarding the experiences and mechanics behind Google’s technology. SGE will also create formats for shopping, healthcare, and various other experiences. As many users are tired of clicking through many searches, AI will compile all the searches, and will provide a nicer experience to users.

BrightEdge's analysis shows that 84% of search queries are influenced by AI experience. It has 3 different stages that include the "opt-in state," where users only want to see the results generated by AI. It is the most common stage of SGE that covers 68% of the SGE states. The "collapsed state" presents in a shortened form, and the users have to click "Show More" to see the full content. The last stage is "No SGE State" which means that approximately 15% of the searches do not show any AI generated result.

These states do not actively influence the search but they are a part of information for many users. As Google is preparing to go to SGE from beta, generative parser will help a lot in Google searches.

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