Even Though Prompt Engineering is a Hot Skill, Better Communication with Humans will be More in Demand

If you are a prompt engineer there is a chance that you can get paid 6 figures for your job. In this new era of AI, a prompt engineer is a person who gives commands to AI chatbots like ChatGPT to bring out answers that can be used to bring out the best in these chatbots. On the other hand, Logan Kilpatrick who works for OpenAI says that many people think that being an AI prompt engineer is a hard and creative job but this is not the truth. Being a prompt engineer is just like a person who can talk with other people efficiently. He also said that there is no doubt that prompt engineering is one of the top rising jobs in the AI industry but there are also some skills that are far more important than this one in 2024. Those skills are reading, writing, and speaking as these skills are going to give AI a hard time while competing with the human mind.

As the future is in the hands of AI or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), skills like speaking with humans more effectively are going to be more in demand. Even though AGI has complex cognitive skills and problem-solving capabilities, human skills will still be used one way or another.

After Logan said all this on X, many users also replied to this post. One of the users posted that learning prompt engineering may also help people communicate with other people. He said that this way, people can learn conversation cues by giving prompts to AI chatbots. Some other users said that if a prompt engineer knows how to communicate with other people, he can easily communicate with an AI system too. Talking to chatbots to generate appropriate answers is a skill not every person can acquire.

A study published in November showed that if humans show emotions to ChatGPT while giving a prompt, they are more likely to get an accurate answer. If a person talks to ChatGPT in a polite and direct tone, this can also generate accurate output. In the end, people who have creativity, flexibility, and communication skills will be more in demand in the future as compared to people who only have technical knowledge. Now we will have to wait and see what 2024 will bring in the world of AI.

Photo: DIW-AIgen

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