Elon Musk’s Community Notes On X Is Failing To Improve Information Accuracy, New Study Claims

We just saw a major ruling take center stage in the world of American politics yesterday.

Former US President Donald Trump was barred from running for a second term in office as revealed by the state of Colorado. This led to an outburst of emotions and many started to reignite the infamous battle that their free speech was being silenced while American voters were barred from speaking their minds in terms of electing their choice of leader.

For those who might not be aware, Trump is still the country’s favorite when it comes down to Republican presidential candidates for 2024 as revealed by an online poll. And the nation might soon be thrown into serious trouble if he’s barred from running.

Therefore, as one can imagine, advocates for freedom of speech need something to be done to put an end to the ongoing suppression. They similarly wish to have the power to say everything and anything they want. This way, the world can decide on who they deem fit to be their leader.

Now that can only happen if candidates running for honesty speak nothing but the truth, right? They need to be capable of keeping the public informed and not mislead others who want to vote with incorrect facts. Whether it’s actually intentional or if it isn’t is a whole new ballgame altogether.

Trump is always making statements and most of them have landed him in trouble as past history shows. Now, similar trends are taking center stage across the famous X platform that belongs to tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The billionaire has vouched for free speech since day one and he has similarly considered easing the circumstances around what people may say on the platform. This helps in terms of spreading hate, lies, and misleading content. And as you can imagine, it’s a huge problem for obvious reasons.

As per Propublica, a joint investigation was rolled out in this regard and that’s where it was being held in collaboration with the Tow Center at Columbia University. The experts went on an exploration to see where X stands with the growing conflict in Gaza and Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.

This research looked at more than 200 different district claims that carried out solo fact checks regarding content called out as misleading. There were so many posts being looked at, especially those promoted by verified accounts, and close to 2000 tweets were located. The latter were viewed more than half a billion times.

Now that brings us to the main point of how Elon Musk’s much talked about reformation of the app through Community Notes is actually failing to do its own job. The goal was related to ensuring the material was validated but that was far from the truth. Instead, they were helping to further instigate misleading reports so seeing the solution of Musk not functional accordingly is alarming.

Meanwhile, the study also brought to light how Community Notes was never scaled appropriately. Nearly 80% of the content seen online by the authors of the study which were dubbed false or misleading did not have any kind of Community Note attached. Even those clarified did not have a Note.

What is even more shocking is how Elon Musk continues to raise more doubts on the subject and how valid they really are. This has happened on multiple occasions when they countered the Tesla owner’s own opinions. Still, X continues to move full throttle with the offering and hails it as its best guardrail in terms of misinformation.

Furthermore, Musk justifies the service by adding how the people should be leading in terms of what is true and what is not. So the system would determine that as compared to hiring fact checkers who work on an independent basis.

Now, the latest on this front is how the company might be in deep trouble soon in regards to the EU Commission. The latter is carrying out a full-blown investigation regarding the spread of misinformation online through the app. Similarly, it wants to see why the company is putting heavy reliance on a system that has so many flaws, to begin with as fact checks through crowd-sourcing are never error-free.

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