College Degrees May Lose Their Worth Soon In this Era of AI

In this era of technology and artificial intelligence, your college degree isn’t that important for your career as skills are.

LinkedIn’s vice president. Aneesh Raman, says that if you have a bachelor’s degree for an elite or ivy league college, it won’t help you as much as it should in your career. He thinks that other skills like communication, creativity, and flexibility will play an important role in an individual’s career as this is an age of AI and individuals that are familiar with it prosper.

“It’s not as easy to filter for skills as you filter for degrees. But I promise everyone that it is easier than any other way that exists to figure out what is going to happen to work, to your job, to your team in the age of AI.”, Raman expressed.

On the recent episode of Microsoft's podcast WorkLab, Raman said that the trends of workspace development are changing rapidly. Now individuals have to work more on their technical skills as the worth of degrees is slowly becoming non-existent. People should learn soft skills in the age of AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT that requires continuous learning. Despite this trend, companies are finding it hard to shift their hired staff from traditional educational backgrounds to staff with the latest skills.

The use of AI in the workplace can also help in communicating with different cultures, languages and sectors. Raman thinks that AI is breaking down barriers and gathering people under the same platform. While the emphasis on soft skills grows, there are some degrees, like humanities, that cannot be replaced. They will see a resurgence soon. Many other companies related to law, entertainment and healthcare are also looking for employees who know how to work with AI. According to a LinkedIn survey, many jobs on the website are actively mentioning that they are looking for employees who can use ChatGPT. They are also offering high salaries to tech-experts who know AI. Although certain college degrees may lose their worth, there are still some degrees that are important for soft skills.

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