YouTube Rolls Out Exciting New Changes For Its Users And Here’s What To Expect

YouTube is famous for listening to feedback from its users and then incorporating them into the app. And the company’s recent rollout of changes is certainly no exception to the norm.

For starters, we’re hearing more about how the platform is expanding its YouTube Collab Shorts remix feature. This innovative offering gives creators the chance on iOS can make use of collabs for both long and short-form videos.

It’s a fun and exciting new means for allowing creators to interact more with others. You can avail of the offering today by clicking on the icon for Remix from the watch page and pressing on Collab for either short or long-form videos.

With this, creators are given the chance to play around with video content that’s at least 60 seconds in duration and can even engage with all sorts of layouts on offer for that fun twist. Moreover, you’ll then be given the chance to record your short alongside the original video so it can play simultaneously.

The feature is only restricted to iOS users for now but YouTube promises it’s coming for Android users very soon so just a little more waiting.

Next up, the app is giving its users the chance to better customize the tab called Home. The goal they seem to be seeking is a one-size-fits-all endeavor and that means making sure the page that belongs to their channel appears the same to everyone who comes to visit it.

This should be independent of the fact that anyone is seeing the video for the first time or if they’re seeing it for the 100th. And to ensure that, YouTube has rolled out a new option with a better tab called For You.

So to cater to that, YouTube just launched a way to provide them with customized offerings and recommendations that cater or are tailored for viewers that visit the channel. Hence, you can imagine it being a great tab for those creators who are offering diversity on the channel. This includes content that’s diverse, different, and covers a wide range of topics and can be found in various languages.

Hence, if you want to make the most of it, simply select any time of content that comes in the For You section. You can even add content that’s launched very recently like the past year. You can disable it by unclicking it on either your desktop or mobile’s Home page as it’s already selected.

We think this is a great section of giving users a taste of what the channel has to offer but gives them the chance to engage more with live streams and the latest offerings by the creator in a more personalized manner.

The feature is ready to go live for everyone by November 20 and we highly recommend you give the For You feature a try to benefit from it.

Last but not least, YouTube is launching a list of updates to Tabs that are found on the channel page. Creators will be given the chance to hide a certain tab if it happens to be empty or simply isn’t ready for a launch. This is designed to eliminate clutter.

Similarly, YouTube will remove the About Tab from the creator’s page. You can access the same information about the creator by clicking on their name and getting that data over there. Thirdly, the app is getting rid of the button designated as Tab. You can already find the content from the Highlights page and you can get it from the bottom left navigation button so no need for extra clutter.

There will also be some esthetic refreshes for channels so that more content can be added while ensuring it’s more appealing and less overwhelming for everyone, giving a streamlined appeal.

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