X's CEO Devises New Strategy To Battle Antisemitism After Platform Loses Top Advertisers

Social media giant X is having trouble handling the growing outrage that continues to peak with the rise in anti-semitism posts.

This is probably one of the main reasons why we’re now seeing the CEO issuing instructions to employees about how the real story on X will only be told by data related to it. And it’s about time the stark decision was made to combat the dismay of its users who feel not enough was being done on X’s part to keep the issue at bay.

X just lost some leading advertisers including the likes of IBM after its own owner and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk sided with some very controversial tweets on the app.

This included him being called out by the White House too after showing his approval for a post published on X on Wednesday. To be more specific, the post went on to falsely mention how so many Jews were gathering as one and embarking on the road of hatred against the entire White community.

Meanwhile, we also saw how one top watchdog by the name of Media Matters alleged with evidence how so many ads belonging to leading brands were popping up against stories that spoke and supported Nazism. And amongst those were IBM who was quick to act on the matter and slam the company for profiting from such endeavors.

So many advertisers were seen pausing investments due to articles that were misleading as well as very manipulative and now it seems that to win back its most profitable investors, CEO Linda Yaccarino has been forced to take drastic steps.

Speaking on the issue on Sunday, she claimed seeing advertisers pause ads due to posts that were filled with misinformation was definitely a moment of concern for the organization. This is why she feels only data can tell the actual story as mentioned in a report that was published by Reuters where she added how X is clear about fighting discrimination as well as antisemitism.

So far, six big names in the advertising world are no longer posting ads on X and that means a huge chunk of revenue will be missed out. The list included Disney, Apple, Paramount, IBM, Comcast, and Sony. As a whole, they make up a staggering 7% of the whole advertising revenue for X in 2023, as confirmed by stats by Sensor Tower.

While X is not answering comments about how much profit it’s actually losing out on, one thing is for sure. They are going to do everything to regain the advertisers that Linda worked hard to get back in the first place.
A very furious Elon Musk threatened to fire a massive lawsuit against watchdog Media Matters for what it was claiming to be a major fraud attempt across X to try and defame it. And that’s when we heard another spokesperson from X also confirm the news of a new lawsuit against the leading non-profit firm that would come into action as early as next week.

But Media Matters is standing its ground and claims that Elon Musk is a real bully and not anything close to being an advocate who supports free speech. They felt he only knew how to play dirty and threatening firms with lawsuits so his platform can get away with so much is an ideal scenario for him. He also felt that this attempt was used as a tactic by Musk in the past too so that anyone daring to come near his companies would bow down in silence.

What was even more shocking is how Musk admitted that ads were running alongside Pro-Nazi material yet he backtracked.

Photo: Lex Fridman / YT
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