X Profits From OpenAI’s Weekend Scandal While Instagram’s Threads Misses Out On The Moment Of Glory

This past weekend saw all kinds of conversations springing up on social media regarding a huge scandal of OpenAI.

The company fired its own CEO Sam Altman in what many described as a shocking decision and the backlash that followed was surely a moment that was trending on social media. And while tech giant X captured the moment of glory with people debating on the matter, Instagram’s Threads failed to make any significant dent.

The past couple of days were proof of how so many changes were arising throughout Silicon Valley’s famous ecosystem. But while many thought Threads would be on fire with the debates and chats, that was surely not the case.

It was in fact X that had people gathering and talking on the exclusive events while media personnel continued to break more happening stories as they unfolded, particularly around hashtags of #OpenAI. Was the boardroom drama a treat to watch? The answer is a big yes!

Seeing Microsoft, who is OpenAI’s biggest investor come forward and offer Altman and other leading members positions to head their new AI research is just astonishing. Many even debated how the software giant was making the most of this crisis of OpenAI, looking out for its benefits, more than anything else.

It was wild, it was explosive, and it was definitely not something that people saw coming- truly setting the stage for the most viral story that this year might be ending with. Meanwhile, the threat still looms on OpenAI which could soon suffer a massive exodus as the repercussions of its shocking decision are on the rise.

Workers at the organization are far from happy and they’re now demanding change. They wish to have Altman reinstated or else they’re happy to resign and head toward Microsoft whom they claim is more than ready to accept them with open arms.

Remember, close to 770 members at OpenAI threatened to resign in a new letter that calls for Altman’s reinstatement.

Be it tech executives, media personalities, top journalists, or even Altman and Brockman - you name it and they were using X to generate their thoughts on the boardroom drama that unfolded before their eyes. And if you had an interest in what was taking place, you would certainly have your eyes on X, that’s for sure!

People were similarly sharing their thoughts and sentiments on who they felt was right and what the end result should be in this case. This included those currently working at OpenAI, reposting everything that Altman had to say about his shocking dismissal and what the future holds for him.

So many employees expressed nothing but love, gratitude, shock, and disappointment at Altman being ousted by the company that he put his heart and soul into. As the drama took on new turns, it was all there for us to witness on X. Furthermore, most of us found out through X only how Microsoft was aware of the decision just minutes before the news broke out in the press.

If reports and speculations are to be deemed true, the answer for the sudden outburst and ousting of OpenAI’s leading board members might be linked to the lack of alignment taking place between the firm’s profitable arm and its non-profit division.

Updates seen on X had views that crossed the 8.5 million mark while likes generated on such leading posts reached thousands in one go. And it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how some of the posts generated got the best response with links getting generated left on right, capturing people’s attention.

It’s sad how Instagram’s Threads couldn’t make the most of this moment. Remember, it fails to even disclose the number of views each post generates so it’s definitely far off in the race when you look at X and others.

The big shots involved, be it Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Brockman, and more were directly making use of X to have their words portrayed in the very dramatic ordeal. Did we mention how Altman’s post that stated how he loves everyone got close to one million likes, but his cryptic posts about who was involved similarly managed to attain many views and comments too?

People were very keen to see whether or not Altman would consider Microsoft’s offer of leading the firm’s latest AI research team but then we later saw how he was actually interested in going back to the same firm that fired him. But there are strings attached including how he wished for the dismissal of all those involved in his firing decision.

Now if that’s not what you call a night full of drama, then we’re not quite what is!

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