Users spending half their TikTok time on content over a minute long

TikTok, it grows fast, like nothing we saw before. But, there is a big problem – how to make sure creators, the stars of TikTok, they make good money from their videos. This is important. We remember Vine, yes? Vine, it had to close because it didn't make a good way for creators to earn money.

Big stars, creators and influencers, they will go where money is. Right now, that platform is not TikTok. Many big names from TikTok are preferring YouTube and Instagram. So, what TikTok should do now?

TikTok's plan, it seems, is to tell creators, "Make longer videos." In October, TikTok called many creators to New York. The ByteDance-owned social network said, "Make videos one minute or more, you will get more eyeballs and ultimately more money."

This is to catch up with YouTube. The Google-owned search engine pays creators through ads in long videos. TikTok, mostly having short clips and it cannot do this more effectively. Now, TikTok wants to change what users and creators do, to bring more kinds of ads and advertisers.

But, do TikTok users want longer videos? This, we have to see. If it works, TikTok will be more like YouTube in making money.

TikTok is already beginning to evolve:

The social media giant claims that users now watch longer videos half of their time on the app. Creators who post longer videos, they grow followers five times faster than those who post short ones.

Maybe TikTok will become a place for longer videos. This will make it more like an "entertainment app," not just a social network.

The inception of TikTok changed how social apps work, focusing more on entertainment. Meta, with Reels, is doing the same, choosing algorithm videos over normal posts.

TikTok needs to put more ads in longer videos. This will take time, but it's what TikTok is focusing on.

TikTok also tries to make money with shopping in the app. In China, it works well but in the West, not so much. So, TikTok is changing the game plan here.

This change by TikTok, it's big. More and more users watching longer videos means it's already happening.

For your plans in 2024, think about this change in TikTok. It's a big move in how social media and content creation work.

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