Unicorn Roundup: The World's Top Startups in 2023

Let's talk about the big fishes in the startup ocean, shall we? Right at the top, swimming like a champ, is ByteDance. Heard of TikTok? Yep, they're the brains behind it. And their value? Hold your breath - $225 billion! They're not just about short videos though; in China, they've got Toutiao, a kind of smart newsfeed that knows what you want to read before you do.

Now, looking at the top eight startups globally, it's mostly a U.S. and China show. But guess what? There's a British player in the game too – Revolut, from the fintech world. As of November 2023, we're seeing some cool names from different corners too. Australia’s Canva, more than just a design tool, snags the 10th spot. And from Indonesia, there's J&T Express, making waves in logistics at number 13. And oh, watch out for Shein from China – a fashion giant now worth $66 billion.

CB Insights throws in a fascinating number – there are over 1,200 unicorn startups as of October 2023. Imagine that! And among them, around 40 are what you call 'decacorns', each valued at over $10 billion. It's like a who's who of tech and innovation – OpenAI, Discord, Grammarly, and the list goes on. But, the real jaw-droppers? Bytedance and SpaceX. They're not just unicorns or decacorns; they're hectocorns, with valuations over a mind-boggling $100 billion.

Take a look at the chart below for more insights:

Global startup giants: ByteDance rules, Revolut breaks US-China dominance, Shein rises fast in the lucrative tech landscape.

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