The Most Popular Working Destination For Ex-Apple Employees Is Google, New LinkedIn Analysis Reveals

Have you ever wondered where former employees working at Apple end up after leaving the company? Well, thanks to a new survey analysis, it’s Google that’s been named as their next top spot for employment.

And it’s not surprising to see that the opposite stands true as well. So that means Google employees are just as likely to end up at Apple! But it was interesting to see how the results displayed that most people working at the Cupertino firm arose from the likes of Microsoft, Intel, as well as Amazon.

The analysis conducted by Switch on Business mentioned how they got the findings after exploring all kinds of profiles of employees through the LinkedIn app. This was done after narrowing down selected tech firms to enroll in their research.

For starters, the workforce figures were noted at top tech giants like Nvidia, Amazon, Google, IBM, Netflix, Apple, Salesforce, Uber, Tesla, Meta, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle.

After that, researchers looked for workers currently employed in each of the companies listed above as well as those who worked for the organizations enlisted.

Soon, it was calculated to see the figure as well as the percentage of currently enrolled workers at every company that worked at the other big-shot firms. This provided a complete breakdown of the common links among the various companies.

As far as Apple is concerned, the study showed how most workers were previously working at Intel, Google, Nvidia, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Meta, Tesla, and Adobe.

Intel is leading the pack in terms of the majority of workers hired by Apple. And it makes sense considering how the iPhone maker spent billions to purchase the firm’s smartphone business in 2019 with hopes of creating its solo radio chips.

All of those individuals who happen to be bidding farewell to tech giant Apple were nearly twice as likely to head in Google’s direction while Amazon stood second on the list in terms of popularity. This was followed up by Facebook’s parent firm Meta, software giant Microsoft, and Elon Musk’s Tesla who rounded up the top five workplace destinations.

Nvidia, Salesforce, Adobe, and Intel, followed up closely behind with Oracle closing up the top ten most popular employment places list for Apple employees.

Is there a distinct overlap that cannot be missed? Absolutely, and we’re not surprised one bit! But what was a little astonishing is that the total percentage of workers in Apple that were recruited from other leading tech giants stood at just 5.7%. And when you end up comparing those results to that seen with Meta, Google, and Salesforce, the difference is major. The corresponding percentages in order are as follows: 26%, 25%, and 20.7%. That’s nearly four to five times greater than what Apple prefers.

Hence, it’s obvious that when you’re working for a large-scale organization that’s stable, as a job seeker, you’re bound to move to another similarly scaled firm with stability to avoid the risks and associated stress that may come along the way.

Take a look at the infographics below for more insights on which technology companies (including Meta, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and more) attract the most talent from competitors.
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