Navigating the New Normal — 73% of Freelancers Integrating AI into Their Workflows

Freelancers are quickly adapting, not just surviving in the dynamic gig economy.'s recent survey sheds light on this very adaptability. It's not just about finding gigs anymore; it's about how artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a staple in their toolkit.

Of the 8,100 freelancers surveyed globally, a striking 73% are integrating generative AI into their workflow. But it's not all-in for everyone. Around 31% are occasional explorer, tapping into AI when needed, while 21% are all in, relying on AI consistently. A small group, about 14%, haven't boarded the AI train yet.

The tools of choice? ChatGPT leads the pack. It's the go-to for 64% of freelancers worldwide. Following are Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing Chat, Github Copilot, and visual AI tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E. This diverse toolkit reflects a broader trend: freelancers are not just writers or illustrators anymore. They're stepping up as editors, directors – roles that demand a broader vision.

Matt Barrie, CEO of, isn't surprised. He sees freelancers as trendsetters, using AI to reshape their roles and workflows. His vision? A near future where AI integration is the norm, not the exception, in every business and job.

But what about automation? How much of freelance work is AI-driven? The survey shows over a third of freelancers use AI to handle 1-25% of their tasks. The next tiers – 25-50% and 50-75% – both sit at 16%. A small but notable 9% are automating 90-100% of their work with AI.
Underneath these numbers lies a mix of excitement and apprehension. Less than half (48%) express strong concerns about AI replacing them. The rest are either somewhat concerned or not worried at all. Looking forward, freelancers are optimistic. About 28% see new opportunities emerging, 20% expect boosted productivity, and 19% foresee improved accuracy in their work.

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The recent survey by reveals interesting regional variations in the adoption and perception of AI tools among freelancers. In the United States, a notable 75% of freelancers are incorporating AI into their work, a slightly higher rate compared to the 71% observed in Europe. When it comes to how frequently these tools are used, the contrast becomes more evident: In the U.S., a third of freelancers (33%) use AI tools all the time, while in Europe, the proportion is significantly lower, with only 17% using AI consistently in their work.

The preference for specific AI tools also varies by region. In the Asia-Pacific region, an overwhelming 82% of freelancers rely on ChatGPT, compared to 77% in Latin America, indicating a strong but slightly varied preference for this tool. Perhaps the most striking regional difference emerges in attitudes towards the potential of AI to replace jobs. In the United States, a high 58% of freelancers express significant concern about AI taking over their jobs. In contrast, European freelancers appear less apprehensive, with less than a third (29%) expressing a high level of concern. These statistics not only underscore the growing influence of AI in the freelance world but also highlight how its impact and reception can differ greatly depending on the region.

This survey is more than mere numbers; it's a glimpse into an evolving world where freelancers wield AI as skillfully as artists use pens or paintbrushes. They're not just surfing the crest of change; they're guiding it, sculpting their careers and the essence of freelancing itself.

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