Microsoft Announces Big Plans To Upgrade Its AI Chatbot To GPT-4 Turbo Amidst Other Improvements

Software giant Microsoft just made headlines a few days back regarding its AI chatbot being renamed Copilot. On that note, users were requested to use the name when talking about the service as Bing Chat underwent retirement.

Whatever the decision may be to call the service, the company also mentioned how it plans on rolling out some major changes to help improve the AI generative model. And for starters, it’s upgrading the model to GPT-4, thanks to its partnership with tech giant OpenAI.

As a part of this serious upgrade, users will be seeing an innovative and highly useful context window featuring 128k. This in particular has to do with typing text prompts which is the equivalent of nearly 300 pages found in such a window.

So as a part of the response generated for specific posts arising from X users in the last couple of days, the lead for the company’s Ads and Web services mentioned how the chatbot isn’t GPT-4 Turbo at the moment but they’re getting there after addressing several kinks in the process along the way.

At the moment, the Bing Copilot is simply limited to 5000 characters for every chat. Therefore, when some keen users questioned Microsoft about an increase, they confirmed with a big yes. The fact that the latest model has a bigger context window means they can benefit from larger limits.

It’s destined to be a huge form of assistance for so many people who continue to request bigger limits that are more useful when they’re seeking prompts of a certain kind.

The lead for Google’s Ad and Web services similarly wrote down how GPT-4 Turbo is miles ahead of the regular GPT-4 service offering. This was in terms of perceived intelligence which is another technical term reserved for how intelligent the system is when a user interacts with it.
With that said it still has plenty of issues that need to be addressed before a complete rollout can be anticipated, especially in terms of the system’s Coding and Math division. Another major advantage spoken about included bigger throughput. This means you can have many users or run fewer ‘Hot’ DCs and that assists with things like better latency.

For now, the tech giant appears to be placing heavy reliance on the likes of adding support for features like plugins arising from external third parties. It hopes that can be launched soon for users’ benefit.

The feature has been in the process of trial for quite some time now. And it was only last weekend that we saw Microsoft mention through a thread post on X how they hope to be launching the offering related to plug-ins to the masses. For now, it was delineated to include a big percentage of users from all over the world and not just restricted to particular locations.

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