Meta Confirms Its Plan Of Action For The Upcoming US Presidential Race Will Be Similar To That Seen In The Past

The countdown has begun for the 2024 US Presidential elections and that means social media giant Meta is gearing up to tackle the cycle with open arms.

Speaking to US officials, Facebook’s parent firm Meta mentioned how it plans to adopt a similar strategy to that seen in the past and that there wouldn’t be much change. The company has all actions in store to halt political advertising exactly seven days before American voters enter the polls that will arise in November 2024. This was confirmed in a blog post by the company’s head for global affairs, who is Nick Clegg.

Meta similarly delineated how it’s well aware that its course of action has not altered in the past few years, except for a certain factor that has emerged in recent times which is the trend of AI.

So many top social media apps are trying to gear up for the first round of voting since the uprising of top generative AI offerings which tend to make things so much simpler in terms of putting out fake videos as well as audio that appear and sound similar to real individuals.

The firm added during the start of the month how it would need advertisers to reveal political or social-themed advertisements that were produced or changed through the likes of artificial intelligence.

"We continually review and update our election-related policies, and take action if content violates our Community Standards, including our policies on election and voter interference, hate speech, coordinating harm and publicizing crime, and bullying and harassment.", claimed Clegg in a Meta newsroom post. Adding further, "We remove this content whether it was created by a person or AI."

Additionally, it’s not just elections in the US that have people talking. Other than November 2024, the following year is also giving rise to major political developments in places like Mexico and India among many other nations. So that again must be looked out for by leading apps as the chance for misinformation spreading would be at its peak.

Image: DIW - AIgen

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