Inside Apple's Playbook: Casting Android as the Privacy Villain

Apple, the heavyweight of sleek tech, cast a serious shade on Android back in the day, labeling it a "big brother" pocket gadget. Yep, a leak document spilled the tea that they’ve been side-eyeing Android since 2013.

The dirt comes from a power move playbook revealed in a courtroom tango between Uncle Sam and Google. Apple, ever the fox, eyed Google’s privacy slip-ups and plotted to charm folks into the iOS dance.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s service guru, shot an email to the chief, Tim Cook, buzzing about a privacy game plan. "Good start, but miles to go," he said. The presentation, cheekily named “Competing on Privacy,” had them ready to pounce on the privacy panic stirred up by the likes of Google and pals.

Screenshot: Apple/Department of Justice

Although the leak's got some blanks, the message is clear: Apple peeped its rivals getting flak for hoovering up data and said, "We can do better." They threw shade at Google's ad antics, which stitch together data like a patchwork quilt to target ads.

And for the grand finale? A zinger from Apple's late boss, Steve Jobs, who basically called them tech dinosaurs for valuing privacy. That jab set the stage.

Fast forward, and Apple's putting its money where its mouth is. Remember that billboard at CES that turned heads? “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone." That was no bluff. Apple doubled down on being the privacy knight in shining armor.

The score now? iPhone’s the belle of the ball in the US, leaving Android in the dust. Looks like the privacy charm worked like a charm.

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